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Sunsign: Leo

In a line describe how your friends would describe you: ROMANTIC, Bindaas, bold and beautiful (I think they would describe me as beautiful) and I would describe myself as 'perfect woman' (hi hi hi )

When I am bored I..: There is so much in life, who gets bored...duhhhh...??????

The book I would love to go to bed with: Which ever is unfinished.

The movie scene I want to be in..: Where katrina kaif was riding a bike in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (that's what I call romance with life)

Your personal motto: Be your ROMANTIC friend.

Describe your achievements / any awards etc.: "People are sharing their secrets with me and trusting me with them" that's what I call achievements.

Mention memorable incidents in your RJing or professional life: When I talked to a caller,shared her sorrows and after a while she thanked me for being supportive and said kauke bolte parini ei kathata tomake bollam, monta bhalo holo

When I am On-Air I am…: In your heart!!!!!!!

What do you enjoy most about your current job?: Mon bhalo thake, it's the time where I laugh the most.

Life's "sabse filmi" moment: When a guy 2 years younger than me proposed to me (ek choti si love story)

Interests and hobbies: Watching romantic comedies, singing all the retro songs( favorite one-kabhie kabhie)